This site is currently under re-construction.  We hope to have it restored very soon and are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.   

    RiverBay Corporation, the company that manages Co-Op City, welcomes you to its corporate web site.  Co-op City is a New York  City housing cooperative located in the Northeast Bronx with 15,372 residential units in 35 high-rise buildings and 7 townhouse clusters.  Co-op City has approximately 50,000 residents.  

     This web site is divided into two major sections:  Community and RiverBay.  The Community pages include descriptions of the apartments; the professionals, businesses, places of worship and schools that are located in Co-op City; and the local police precinct and public transportation options to and from Co-op City.  The RiverBay pages describe each department and provide information about contacting each one. 


     The neighborhood in which Co-op City exists

     The waiting lists for apartments

     How to clean a convector

     A list of commercial spaces for rent

     A description of each RiverBay department

     A list of up-coming events in the community

     Ways to contact RiverBay staff

     Apartment applications

     RiverBay Corporation job listings

     RiverBay Board of Directors' election results

     Apartment Improvement & Renovation guidelines

     Site map

     Bid on RiverBay Requisitions

     Restore Co-op City Bus Service 

    Board of Directors' Resolutions


Management Office:  (718) 320-3300 (phone) and (718) 671-4733 (fax)

Sales:  (718) 320-3357

Public Safety Emergency:  (718) 671-3050, 3051