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Co-Op City at night


Riverbay provides its hearing-impaired community with special accommodation

Shareholders who are hearing impaired can, at no cost, request special accommodation from Riverbay Corporation for a light signal which notifies them when their bell is pressed in the lobby or someone is at their apartment door.  Read article.

Public Safety finds missing 5-year-old child

With the help of a shareholder who alerted the Public Safety dispatcher of a small child wandering around a building late this past Sunday night, two responding Public Safety officers were able to find the missing child and quickly have him transported to an area hospital for needed care and follow-up attention.  Read article.

Riverbay’s CSOs are residents’ first step in securing essential services

Riverbay’s Cooperator Service Office (CSO) has an office in each of the three community centers—Dreiser, Bartow and Einstein—which is charged with providing essential services to residents of Co-op City in a timely and efficient manner.  Read article.

Co-op City launches social media presence

Co-op City has segued into the 21st century with the launch of its social media presence, thanks to Riverbay's new Communications Manager, Zandra Kubota.  Read article.


CCPD promotes Drowsy Driving Awareness

The National Safety Council uses the two times a year that we change the clocks to promote drowsy driving awareness.  Especially in the fall when it gets dark very early in the evening, the body can think it is time to go to sleep.  It can take some individuals up to one month to fully acclimate to the changes.  The change in the amount of light affects sleeping habits and indirectly results in an increease of drowsy driving accidents.  Read article.


Riverbay provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities as required by the Fair Housing Act.