Administrative Departments

    The administrative departments tend to be those that support Co-op City by providing services to RiverBay Corporation rather than to the shareholder directly.  

    Although shareholders deal directly with members of the Sale's department and read the results of the work done in the Co-op City Times, much of the work done by departments such as Automotive, Finance, Human Resources and Purchasing are invisible to the shareholders, but essential to the smooth functioning of the corporation. 

    This is a list of Administrative Departments as well as a brief description of each ones functions:

Automotive Maintains RiverBay's fleet
Central Stores Orders, maintains and distributes much of the material used by RiverBay departments
Commercial Properties Identifies and supports commercial and professional tenants in RiverBay shopping centers and residential buildings
Community Relations Acts as liaison between RiverBay and community groups and government agencies
Computer Services Designs, installs and maintains network hardware and software, application software, desktop computers, PDAs and all other hardware and software used by RiverBay departments
Co-op City Times Keeps Co-op City residents informed through the Co-op City Times
Finance Invoices for and collects carrying charges, pays vendors, runs the payroll system, creates and maintains the budget and audits the financial statements
Human Resources Advertises job openings, evaluates and hires employees and maintains employee benefits such as dental and medical
Internal Audit Determines the adequacy of the internal control of the corporation, the effectiveness and efficiency of operational policies, accuracy and reliability of financial information and compliance with the company's standards of business conduct.
Office Services Directors visitors and residents to the correct department, handles and delivers the mail, maintains and delivers office supplies and manages the residents' files.
Purchasing/Contracts Obtains goods and services at the least cost based on time and quality constraints and provides costing components regarding goods or services pertaining to potential projects.
Risk Management Provides professional expertise in analyzing the sufficiency of insurance coverage for the Corporation.
Sales Accept and process applications for apartments, show apartments, add new shareholders to the computer system, process requests for transfers and handle shareholders who are moving out