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July 31, 2004


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New Education Council. The recently elected new Community Education Council of School District 11 began meeting earlier this month to prepare for the upcoming school year. At the recent meeting were: District Superintendent Mary Ann Hawthorne, and new Council Members: Reverend Roberto Reyes, Rod Saunders, Ashakia Kai-Sutton, Joseph Valenti, Elizabeth Penn, District Parent Support Officer Tim Opium, Kelvin Fowlkes, CEC President Kim Canty, Janie Mathews, Kathleen Lonergan, Hazel Adams-Shango, and Trevor Archer.

Canty, a Co-op City resident and the new Council President, said after the meeting, ³I believe strongly in the councilıs role to reflect the needs and wishes of the community regarding the education of our children. The Council welcomes the participation of the community at our monthly calendar meetings where parents and community members will have the opportunity to be heard regarding educational issues.² CECıs, comprised mainly of parents, have replaced school boards in New York City, as part of Mayor Michael

Bloombergıs revamping of the cityıs education system.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Co-op City’s Presidential Scholar.  Co-op City resident and Julliard student Nigel Campbell accepts a Presidential medallion from United States Secretary of Education Rod Paige during a recent visit to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. The accomplished student dancer was one of only 20 high school students from throughout the nation to be chosen as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. Upon receiving this honor, he performed for national leaders at the Kennedy Center this summer. Nigel is featured in a documentary profiling the Presidential Scholars in the Arts now airing on PBS, channel 13 in New York. The documentary was first aired on Wednesday evening and will be repeated at noon tomorrow. Set you VCRs to catch a glimpse of one of Co-op City’s talented young people in action.  September 25, 2004.