How to recognize a RiverBay employee

    RiverBay realizes the importance of having our employees dressed appropriately. We closely monitor the housing company's dress code, which provides that the clothing worn is conducive to a professional business environment. All administrative personnel, which includes Field Supervisors, wear dress attire that includes, for men: a dress shirt and tie with coordinated pants or suit; for women: a dress (of appropriate length), business suit, coordinated skirt (of appropriate length) and blouse, or coordinated slack suit. The uniform employees, which also applies to various supervisors and administrative staff who are assigned uniforms, wear various colored uniforms, based upon their respective department. The departments that wear uniforms, along with their designated colors, are as follows:

Buildings Blue
Commercial Leasing Blue
Construction Brown
Grounds Green
Maintenance Brown
Power Plant Grey
Public Safety Navy
Restorations Dark Blue
Parking Attendants Dark Blue pants, light blue shirt
Lobby Attendants Gray pants, blue blazer
Inspectors and Field Supervisors Black pants, wine shirts

    The benefit of making all employees abide by a dress code is that it makes it easy to identify individuals as they move about the property to conduct the business of the Corporation; it also helps to foster a greater level of responsibility, in that employees understand that while residents may not know a particular name, they can note the color of the uniform and give information regarding place and time, making it easier for supervisors to pinpoint who an individual in question might be. In addition, all RiverBay supervisory staff must carry their picture I.D.s, at all times, in a conspicuous fashion. We believe these measures will go along way in increasing the cooperators' knowledge of the management operation, while instilling a greater sense of accountability on our staff as well.