Parking update for handicapped residents

    Parking is not permitted in handicapped parking spaces without a DOT special handicapped parking permit, red and white plaque, and a yellow parking pass issued by the RiverBay Garage Office.  Displaying only the blue handicapped hanging tag is not adequate to prevent your vehicle from being towed.

    Parking is also not permitted on the points of entry to and exit from the Greenway parking lots.  Any vehicle obstructing these access points will be towed without exception.

    Please park only in designated parking spaces.  Failure to comply will result in your vehicle being towed at your own risk and expense.

    Parking illegally in the cul-de-sacs will result in summonses.  The only exception are City or State issued (not RiverBay) handicapped plates.  Even handicapped vehicles can be ticketed if they block fire hydrants, dumpsters or or curb cuts.

    Thank you for your cooperation.