Operations Departments

    Operations department employees are those the shareholders encounter on a regular basis, performing tasks such as patrolling the grounds,  emptying the garbage, mopping the floors, weeding the gardens, fixing the faucets, repairing the intercoms and painting the walls. 

    The following list briefly describes the responsibilities of each department.  Double-click on the department name to find out more about it.

Cooperator Services Offices Processes  work orders for disbursement to maintenance and various departments on a daily basis; conducts building inspections; processes Community Complaints, allocates  Hall Closets and inspects apartment walls and floors damaged by fire or floods.
Parking Facilities Assigns reserved and regular parking spaces, provides monthly parking passes to cooperators, provides hourly parking to visitors and maintains records of monthly garage parkers.
Grounds Plants, maintains and cleans the grounds throughout the development.
Janitorial Maintains and cleans all 35 high-rise buildings.
Maintenance Repairs electrical, plumbing and HVAC problems both inside and outside the apartments; makes keys and installs locks; responds to emergencies such as broken pipes and leaky faucets.
Power Plant Operates the Power Plant, which supplies heat and air conditioning, as well as hot water, to the apartments.
Public Safety Protects life and property within the confines of Co-op City.
Restorations Restores vacant and occupied apartments by painting, plastering, replacing flooring, among other things.
Technical Services Performs plumbing and electrical repairs and constructs structures such as the fence that surrounds the buildings