Department Description

    The Purchasing and Contract department obtains goods and services at the least cost based on time and quality constraints and provides costing components regarding goods or services pertaining to potential projects. It provides logistical guidance to the corporation and other functions as to warehousing, transportation and inventory control and acts as a liaison between Computer Services and other areas pertaining to the use of the computer in the requisition and adjunct activities as to the ordering and control of materials and services. The department searches for alternative sources of supply, which includes looking for new vendors and channel of distribution; investigates alternate materials to replace current materials used, and explores new methods to reduce cost and improve productivity. It focuses on service levels to ensure that current vendors are providing the level of service required and investigates order quantities to determine if cost effective to adjust purchase quantities to take advantage of pricing points.

Contact Information

    Gail Badger-Morgan, Director, (718) 320-3300, Ext. 3312,